Using Tube Buddy and Vidiq


In a world brought to a standstill by a pandemic, where folks are at home searching for ways to be entertained or educated, content is king.

And truly, the king among kings is clear: YouTube.

From the educational to the humorous, from pets to the world’s greatest musicians, to vlogs, live streams and everything else in between, it’s all on YouTube. YouTube has something for everybody, no matter what you’re looking for. Everybody has the opportunity not just to discover something new, but to actually make something as well.

Now more than ever, content creators have access to a world that needs more out of them. Now’s the perfect time to become a DIY content creator, and put out more things into the world. But creating content is just the first step.

You have to be certain that people out there go and watch what it is you make, or else what is the point of it all?

If you want to take your content production to the next level, your new best friend is here.

Say hello to TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy is an in-browser app extension that gives you the ability to oversee, manage and scale your channel’s success in the easiest and simplest possible way. Through it, you’ll have access to numerous features that help you make the most of your YouTube channel, letting you maximize its potential.

We’ll get to it in-depth later in the review, but needless to say you’ll be equipped with all you need. It truly streamlines things for you.

If you’ve been on the lookout for a way to grow your channel and elevate yourself to new heights, then read on and let us educate you as to why TubeBuddy is your best buddy.


How Does it Work? Using Tube Buddy and Vidiq

As stated earlier, it’s an in-browser Chrome extension that will do wonders for your channel. However, it is most apt description would be to call it a YouTube extension, because it empowers it to the n-th level. Don’t believe me? Check out Nick Nimmin’s video and see what I mean.

When you get to your YouTube dashboard, you will see it has changed and turned into something more than what it originally was. Now you have SEO tools, In-depth productivity and analytics tools to aid you. It’s also certified by YouTube, so you can believe it’s both safe and reliable.

It isn’t going to be one of the sketchy extensions which are seemingly too good to be true, and therefore are already either stealing your data or infecting your computer.

So what can it do for you?

A lot, in all honesty. And getting into each and every aspect might be a little too much (trust us when we say it’s packed with features) but we’ll share some of our favourite highlights for you guys.

There is the Video Tag Explorer which lets you obtain the best tags to your video, allowing you to reach as much people as humanly possible. Now you never have to struggle to determine which tags work best for your videos!

Tying into this, you also get Video Tag lists, for categorization and to keep a running list of tags you can use for future videos, in addition to a tag sorter which lets you determine which tags have the maximum weight, and goes up front. The latter is especially helpful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Through TubeBuddy, you will have embedding options to choose from. You can now customize the look of your embedded videos, insert forced close captions, disable play controls, and also ensure your videos loop automatically.

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On a kinda related matter, it also has the ability to publish native videos directly to Facebook — a cool and useful feature.

You obtain functions like a Quick Edit Toolbar, Canned Responses so you don’t always have to correct each and every response, an algorithm that tells you the ideal time to publish, and templates for Cards and End Screens. Working hand-in-hand with you, these tools were created to make your life all the more easier.

You also get the capability to back up your entire channel as your metadata is stored away so that, if anything were ever to happen, you’d have the reassurance that everything is safe.

There’s Playlist Actions, Search Explorer, Real Time-Sub Counts, A Social Media Manager and so much more. And those features are just the start.

TubeBuddy, at the end of the day, is essentially Batman’s Utility Belt for your channel.

Using Tube Buddy and Vidiq

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What’s the Damage to My Wallet?

So with all of that said, how much does this cost you?

You’d think that it would cost you an arm and a leg to get all these features and help, but actually, TubeBUddy is reasonably priced and budget friendly.

It comes in four installments for you to choose from.

At first, there’s the FREE Plan. This of course is the most basic of the basic of all plans, and features the bare essentials you’ll need. Although without any bells and whistles, it’s still a major advantage to anyone who wants it, especially since it’s free.

For now however, we’ll focus mostly on the three paid tiers. Using Tube Buddy and Vidiq

For the first paid tier, we have The Pro Plan. This is, of course, leaps and bounds better than the FREE Plan TubeBuddy has to offer. It comes equipped with a plethora of weapons for you to use such as the majority of the YouTube SEO Tools and video access tools, in addition to a ton of productivity tools. The constraints placed on the Keyword explorer and suggested tags from the Free Plan are mostly lifted, allowing you more help as you get to dig deeper into the study that can help your channel out. Because after all, the more information you have on hand that you can analyze and understand, the more you can do.

This plan is most appropriate for those just starting out who wish to take the turn for the serious, when it comes to managing their channel. This will cost you around $9 a month — all in all, not a bad price point for what you get out of it.

The next tier is the Star Plan. If the first tier’s thrust was to help you understand your channel’s needs, the Star Plan was created to make the process easier.  Now all the search engine optimization tools and the bulk processing tool are made available. Therefore, tasks are sped up and automated, allowing you not only better results for your webpage, but more time for yourself too so you can focus more on your content.

It’s a really, really sweet deal. This specific plan will cost you $19 per month.

And of course, there’s TubeBuddy’s top plan out there — the Legend Plan. Aside from everything else currently available, the best thing about this tier is the A/B Testing. For the ones that don’t know what that is, it’s an extremely powerful tool that can help push your channel to even greater heights.

It permits you to compare thumbnails and titles to other videos, giving you the data you will need to ascertain which performs better. From there, you can find the best way to push your channel’s overall success.

Another amazing tool included in the Legend Plan is its capability to auto-translate. As you’d imagine from the title, it automatically translates descriptions and titles for your videos, widening your reach as you are now able to access new markets.

This particular plan will cost you $49 per month. It is TubeBuddy’s most expensive plan for a reason, however and as compared to the other things you’ll need to spend on to make quality content, we feel it’s a fair ask.

So no matter where you are on the spectrum of YouTube content creators, whether you’re starting out, on the up-and-up or a grizzled veteran, there is a TubeBuddy plan that is perfect for you — both in features and in affordability. Using Tube Buddy and Vidiq


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So is TubeBuddy Truly a Bud for Your Channel?

Before we can answer that question for you, you have to first ask yourself this :”Am I really serious about being a content creator?”

If you are, then the simple answer to whether or not TubeBuddy is your new best friend is a resounding “Yes.” It is a YouTube certified piece of software that integrates cleanly into your dashboard upon installing the extension, it has had years of experience and will remain compatible with the platform.

It’s easy to use, provides critical data and honestly paves the way for you to optimize your videos for maximum reach. Is it flawless in every aspect? Of course it isn’t, but then that’s okay.

Its most glaring one being that TubeBuddy, per license, works only for one YouTube channel. So in case you have to manage over one YouTube channel, you will need more than one account. Another, although honestly this might be nitpicking at this point, are that the best and more advanced features like mass processing tools are only available at the more expensive plans.

Which, of course is reasonable.

And lastly there are reports that the customer support side of the item could use improvement. But at the end of the day, TubeBuddy is one of the finest YouTube SEO and growth tools you can have by your side. It is popular for a really good reason since it offers you all you need. With it on your side, you won’t only hit the ground running, you’re going to start flying up and hitting a new level soon enough.

The things you create, regardless of what it is, deserves to find not just an audience, but the right one. TubeBuddy will help you reach everyone it needs to. It is not just an app or a tool, but a friend who wants to support you as you make your dreams come true.

It has sent you a friend request to be your page’s buddy.

Accept it already.


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Frequently Asked Questions Using Tube Buddy and Vidiq

Q: Is TubeBuddy available as an extension for every browser out there?

A: Sadly, no. It’s only available for Chrome and Firefox for today.

Q: Is TubeBuddy officially certified?

A: Yes, TubeBuddy is 100% certified by YouTube.

Q: Is TubeBuddy Safe?

A: Without a shadow of a doubt, TubeBuddy is safe. You don’t have to worry about you or your channel in any respect. It’s been certified by YouTube since 2014, helping founders to grow without much or any trouble at all. So rest assured that when you select TubeBuddy, you decide to be safe.

Q: With license I have, can I use it for more than one YouTube account?

A: Sadly, no, you can not. It’s 1 channel per license. Although still very much worth the cost — undoubtedly so — It’s one of its biggest drawbacks, actually.

Q: Is it hard to use TubeBuddy?

A: No, it is really simple and easy to use! All you have to do is install TubeBuddy and allow it to transform your dash into something designed to make marketing and developing your channel super simple.

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Using Tube Buddy and VidIQ


You have already worked for your content, you just need to let people consume it.

These days, video is arguably the king of multimedia content. It gets your message across easily while keeping your audience hooked with using audio and powerful visuals. This is the reason it has been the selection of content creators everywhere: from company-owned sites to individual vloggers.

As it stands, Youtube is now the top venue for video content. Due to its popularity and potential for massive reach, it enabled Youtubers –its resident content creators– to make the platform their principal source of income. However, the platform’s signature availability for anyone who wants to create content made it quite a challenge for people to stand out.

The name of this game is getting the maximum number of views. This means that it is not sufficient that a content creator puts out the most fantastic content to become successful in the business. The tough part is getting the content right at the displays of your potential audience.

Content creators should apply the fundamentals of SEO or search engine optimization. The way this works is that you increase the chances of your content being at the peak of the search results. Software can always do great things for your business, and this is the case for online businesses integrating with Youtube.

And this is where VidIQ comes in: it provides content creators the power tools to take in views and know how their videos work outside what the number of views might indicate. It gives beginners the boost that they need for their first few videos, and it helps veterans with valuable insight regarding the operation of their content.


What is VidIQ? Using Tube Buddy and VidIQ

We all have seen it: movie and television actors, athletes, and a whole host of other famous people with an existing following can start a YouTube channel one day and quickly gain hundreds of thousands of views by simply dropping a word on the platforms currently available to them. Big brands with recognized names may also do this readily. This is a luxury that the majority of people simply don’t have.

At its core, VidIQ is a service that delivers video analytics for content creators on Youtube. Included in its vast array of capacities is marketing. It helps Youtube videos gain as much exposure as possible to maximize reach. Its wide plethora of features offers more than SEO, as it helps publishers make the best choices when it comes to how they can interact with their potential audiences.

Simply put, VidIQ does this by collecting, and showing data and metrics in a fashion that’s easy to interpret. The product is an exceptional tool for processing and incorporating big data towards a publishing strategy.

As in other platforms for publishing content, Youtube also entails responsibility in maintaining a following and moderating interactions. As the number of your subscribers climb, the time and effort needed in keeping up with your audience also rises as fast, if not even faster. Solo content creators and even those with a smaller team might find it hard to keep up, and the production of content might suffer.

However, timely and constant engagement is essential for keeping a viewership that will make the channel sustainable. VidIQ can more than assist content creators with these tasks that fall after the publishing of content. From marketing strategy to interaction management, it has features that will make handling a Youtube channel less of a daunting task.

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Key features: Understand your audiences and content to stay ten steps ahead of your competitors.

VidIQ provides its services to content creators of varying scale. Both the humble hobbyist and the full-time career Youtubers can benefit from the packages provided by VidIQ. Even companies that exclusively focus on the advertising campaign of content creators may have a package that caters to their business model.


The Dashboard: Boost your reach using SEO Using Tube Buddy and VidIQ

The magic starts when VidIQ is attached to a Youtube account. After this, it instantly syncs the videos on the account to its dashboard, drawing vital data on the performance and reach of the movies. From the dashboard, data on the videos can be sorted based on any possible parameter: likes, views, comments, shares, etc. The dashboard can even give content creators a single page where they can make changes to the tags, description, and the names of all their videos. Talk about convenience, right?

As fundamental knowledge on SEO is almost a necessity, VidIQ delivers a massive advantage over individuals because it can automatically suggest tags by taking a look at a popular video that the user chooses. A user can choose any video related to their planned content, say the one with the most views, and VidIQ can ascertain the tags used on it as well as the traffic source which can be used to optimize reach. VidIQ can also suggest the equivalent of tags in different languages to do well internationally and gain foreign audiences.

Using Tube Buddy and VidIQ

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Description campaign feature: let the roads converge on your content.

It can be stated that this feature alone warrants using the VidIQ tool immediately. Why, you ask? It can help craft lines of text with embedded links on video descriptions.

Modifying each video description can pose as a bothersome task, particularly when talking about Youtube channels already with a substantial number of uploads. Surely, nobody would object to this. But, coupled with the dashboard feature, the description campaign feature of VidIQ makes it one of its strongest offerings.

Users are given the easy option of adding links to their websites and even their other social networking profiles. These links can then be used to track just how much viewers click on these links, and even the conversion prices. This attribute can be used to add descriptions with embedded hyperlinks in future videos. Additionally, the descriptions for videos can be removed or edited en masse.

VidIQ can also present the numbers on the interactions on content across all of a user’s social networking platforms. Whether it be the number of replies and retweets on Twitter or the reactions and comments on Facebook, VidIQ can present the numbers in a manner that is easy on the eyes.


Be sure that you are always noticed: harness the power of analytics.

VidIQ boasts a robust analytics attribute. It enables content creators to determine the preferences of the audience through their behaviour. It takes the routines of viewers and gives users the ability to compare it with the range of content. This basically gives users the ability to learn what strategies and ideas become consumed quickly and which ones lie passively. Analytics is always helpful for video marketing.

The analytics which VidIQ can provide will help users to look beyond the amount of views on their more popular material, but also enable them to ascertain what exactly made them hits and use it to resonate with more people later on.

Aside from this, this attribute can even make a suggestion regarding the timing of uploads. Accumulating big data over time will help VidIQ even more accurate when it comes to homing in on when precisely viewers consume the content that publishers set out, and capitalize on this to have their videos be as fresh as possible to potential audiences.

Not just this, but VidIQ can also help plan the timing between uploads, whether videos should be in the short format or not, and even automatically suggest the addition of prompts for viewers to comment on the videos.


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Using Tube Buddy and VidIQ

Cultivate a fan base: VidIQ will help make viewers spread word of your content.

Strategies to make content go viral have appeared a good deal across Youtube channels, and VidIQ can make a checklist of the necessities that videos must have to take advantage of them. Included among them are the option of having an ending card for videos, making a playlist for related uploads, and the automatic posting of the video link to other social media platforms. VidIQ also makes it easy for users to see budding trends among competitor channels, allowing them to respond and plan their content accordingly.

This makes it much easier for users to do all these steps and ensures that none of these gets forgotten.

VidIQ even has an option for seeing the likes-to-dislikes ratio of videos to have a fast glimpse at the reception of the content. To make this even better, it also has the comment manager feature so that the most important comments — those with the highest number of interactions, or those left by fellow Youtubers with a significant number of subscribers. It can even help formulate responses to questions that appear a lot in the comments section.

Which package should you choose? Using Tube Buddy and VidIQ

VidIQ’s Basic Strategy is completely free and already includes basic analytics, live channel statistics, and the ability to track up to three competitor channels. However, it lacks the majority of the power features that really define VidIQ. Additionally, it works on only 1 account.

For those who intend on taking their Youtube game more seriously, the Pro Plan is available for them. It gives users the ability to compare videos and playlists, make evaluation across a wider span of time, find the best timing for publishing articles, see top interactions, and monitor up to six rival channels. However, the SEO capabilities on this is limited. This goes for $7.50 per month.

For those dedicated enough to maintain a notch above everyone else, the Boost Plan provides all mentioned plus the entire research and insight capacities of VidIQ. Additionally, it allows instantaneous and complete bulk optimization and even has a video record attribute. This plan can cater to up to five accounts for $39 per month.

For companies that cater exclusively for Youtubers and big brands who wish to have their channels managed, the Enterprise plan is available. It has the option of having unlimited accounts for workers and unlimited competitor tracking. The pricing for this is dependent upon the demand of the company and is on a per-client basis.


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Verdict Using Tube Buddy and VidIQ

As is true with all marketing tools and services, the value of a product depends on the goals, needs, and budget of the customer. However, VidIQ indeed provides a lot of effective and powerful features that would make any enterprise in Youtube more manageable and would maximize the chances of the platform.

VidIQ is a great tool for anybody who wants to find a difference in how they operate their Youtube channel: from editing previous uploads, planning future content, and even maintaining brand engagement. Indeed, there are lots of benefits which vidIQ can bring, but its main selling point is how it can help in taking Youtube content creators to another level and have them get their message across to create an impact in the digital world at large.

FAQ: Using Tube Buddy and VidIQ

Q: Can the paid programs be tried at no cost?

A: Yes, free trials are available for each plan so that users can have a test run before they commit any money for a plan.

Q: Could there be a refund for the plans?

A: Refund policy is strict, and generally does not have space for granting refunds.

Q: Are 3rd party access screened by VidIQ?

A: No, users have the responsibility of reviewing the policies of 3rd parties with access to their own Youtube channels.

Q: Does vidIQ charge a component of the customer channel’s Youtube earnings?

A: No.


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